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Bus safety standards and driver training

Megabus safety and bus driver training

Megabus is all about bus safety – for our customers, for our drivers, and for those on the road with us. We make sure that each of our customers feel safe when riding on board one of our premium buses. To guarantee this, we have established bus safety procedures for our drivers as well as equipping our buses with high quality safety features. We go above and beyond to keep our passengers safe.
Megabus safety features

Megabus safety

Bus safety is our top priority. Rest-assured that you are safe when riding with Megabus. It an essential part of our mission at Megabus to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and secure.

Our entire double decker bus fleet is meticulously kept in top operating shape. Each bus undergoes preventative and regular maintenance year-round.

Our process revolves around both our drivers and passengers taking the necessary precautions to guarantee bus safety throughout your journey and helps us keep Megabus safe.

Megabus procedures and safety features

Our buses are equipped with a variety of safety features to guarantee passengers’ safety, ranging from standard safety seat belts to advanced methods such as tire monitoring and safe lane-changing technology.

Each bus is also equipped with rear view back-up cameras to assist our drivers in navigating safely and efficiently.

Along with sophisticated computer software - speed, brake and acceleration recording measures are also in place on all of our buses to ensure your trip is going as smooth as our standards demand.

The buses are monitored via GPS tracking at the Megabus headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey. This safety feature is put in place to ensure that all buses make their way safely and on-time to their destination.

In addition, our bus driver safety procedures include extensively screening our drivers and requiring them to complete a number of rigorous training courses in order to be considered to drive for Megabus.

With our extensive bus safety procedures, Megabus is able to bring customers a safe and satisfying traveling experience.

So is Megabus safe? Without a question. Statistically, Megabus is safer than driving your car, in fact. 

Megabus driver safety training

Megabus provides the absolute highest quality of bus safety training – the safety of the public and our customers will not be compromised for any reason. We urge all new customers to experience this for themselves.

Our bus drivers’ safety training programs, right from the beginning, revolve around safety and customer service.

The focus of our bus safety training is to ensure that all drivers are prepared to meet the Megabus road and customer service standards, and then to exceed them.

We also reward safe and efficient driving with our Green Driver incentive program.

Besides bus driver training, we also administer thorough background checks on all driver candidates, and candidates must pass an in-depth psychological exam before they can enroll in the Megabus driver school, located in Elizabeth, NJ.

Drivers are subject to random drug and alcohol tests and must attend periodic bus safety training courses once they are part of the Megabus team. 

To make sure our drivers are fresh and at their best, our company policy on bus safety demands drivers cannot be behind the wheel for more than 10 hours a day. Additionally, Megabus greatly exceeds federal standards for the amount of off-duty rest time mandated for drivers.

We don’t believe in bare-minimums or cutting corners – especially when it comes to the safety of so many and the health of our wonderful drivers.

All drivers and the surrounding traffic are camera monitored along the way – and all journey information is monitored in real-time at the Megabus headquarters to ensure your traveling experience runs as smoothly as possible.

Our bus drivers keep in mind these four bus procedures while on the road:

  1. Watch your speed.
  2. Check your mirrors.
  3. Stay alert and stay safe.
  4. Safety is our first priority.

Each driver as they depart from Megabus headquarters must read aloud these safety reminders from a prominent sign placed at our gates. It’s safe to say, our drivers understand their importance.

Megabus safety questions and concerns

Not only do Megabus drivers receive bus safety training, but they also receive specialized customer service training. Our entire staff learn from day one the necessity of a positive and consistent attitude of helpfulness and attentiveness.

It’s no coincidence that the Megabus company culture fosters a great experience for our customers.

That being said, if you have any questions or concerns that arise before, during, or after your ride with Megabus, feel free to ask customer service staff for assistance.

You may also browse through our FAQs to see if the answer to one of your questions is listed.

Since 2006, Megabus has served more than 50 million customers across North America. And we’re just getting started. We are proud of the work we do, the service we provide, and we’re grateful for your business each and every time you book with us.

For your next adventure, homecoming, weekend away, or odyssey across this great land, ride with Megabus and experience our first-class safety features firsthand.

Reserve your seat today and get ready for a relaxing trip aboard one of our state-of-the-art buses.