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Ecofriendly Travel

Greener travel

You may not notice your footprint when you take a step, but when it comes to our carbon footprint, we watch ours very carefully. We are green certified and committed to providing eco-friendly travel and reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible.
megabus green

In fact, in just one year of bringing our customers to their destinations, we’re keeping off over 5 million cars that would otherwise be on the road.

Think of it this way: if you placed all of those cars back to back, they would wrap around the entire circumference of the Earth one and a half times!

Greener travel

  • Our buses emit the least carbon dioxide per mile when compared to other vehicles and are seven times more energy and fuel-efficient than single-occupancy automobiles.
  • Our buses are three times more efficient in reducing carbon dioxide output when compared to commuter rail, and six times more efficient than transit buses. 

The fact that traveling on a bus is already one of the greenest ways to travel isn’t enough for us. As a leader in sustainable bus travel efforts, we’re continually developing ways to reduce our environmental impact.

That’s why all Megabus double-decker buses are equipped with our Samsara system.

Our Samsara system assists in reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, as well as provides real-time feedback to drivers on their driving style, including speed, braking, acceleration, lane-handling and turning.

Learn more about our Samsara system and our Green Driver incentive program.

In addition to our ecofriendly efforts on the road and in the office, we participate in numerous environmental initiatives to help do our part.

Megabus was honored with American Bus Associate’s Green Operator Award in 2014 for our commitment to environmentally conscious driving efforts.

In 2016, to celebrate both our 10th year of ecofriendly travel and Earth Month, we partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 10,000 trees along our routes and on college campuses throughout the country. 

We look forward to the future and hope to continue to achieve in making improvements that promote environmental protection and awareness.