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Advertise with us

Advertise on our bus

Looking for a unique way to reach consumers?  We offer a variety of advertising opportunities on the bus.  As one of the country’s leading providers of intercity bus transportation, serving more than 100 cities and university campuses in US and Canada, we connect with approximately millions of customers per year.
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If your brand is interested in more information regarding specific rates and advertising options, feel free to contact us at 

Megabus advertising opportunities

Our state-of-the-art onboard entertainment system is installed on 232 modern double-decker buses with the capability to deliver targeted ad campaigns to your audience at a national, regional or local scale.

Additionally, you can interact directly with your audience through a variety of advertisements on our new mobile platform, Megabus RIDE, which provides our customers with free onboard entertainment on their trip.

Where will your ad be seen?

  • Onboard screens           
  1. Featuring full screen audio and video ads
  2. Interstitial and banner ads
  • Innovative guest platform Megabus RIDE app
  1. Full screen audio and video ads
  2. Pre and post video roll ads
  3. Interstitial and banner ads
  4. Exclusive tabs
  5. Customizable skin layouts

Target your audience by location

Our extensive network across North America, serving more than 100 cities in the United States and Canada, allows the opportunity for your brand to target specific regions or individual cities.

When choosing to advertise with us, we offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor your communication strategy to meet your marketing objectives.

By leveraging our extensive network as well as our onboard and mobile technology, we offer advertisers an exclusive media outlet to reach their target audience.

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