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Bus from Moline to Chicago and from Chicago to Moline

Bus from Moline to Chicago and from Chicago to Moline

Let the Windy City blow you away. Our bus from Moline to Chicago brings you within reach of one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Midwest. Chi-town is an unforgettable blend of art, culture, and history. We dare you to attempt to eat a Chicago-style deep dish pizza without getting sauce on your shirt. Absorb Chicago’s rich architectural successes by visiting Millennium Park or simply check out the Chicago skyline. Our Moline to Chicago route solves your Midwest travel plans.

Excitement awaits you in the Quad Cities. You don't have to own a John Deere to love Moline (though it helps!).

In the Moline Centre Downtown, you'll find much to see and do whether it be shopping, dining, or entertainment.

Take a tour of the city via Water Taxi or enjoy some of Moline's parks and lakes.

Explore the Quad Cities and book your next bus trip from Chicago to Moline today!

What amenities are included on a bus from Moline to Chicago?

  • individual power outlets
  • reclining seats
  • reserved seating
  • fares starting at just $1*

If you take a nap and forget to read your book, that's ok! We won't tell anyone!

Whether your bus trip from Moline to Chicago or Chicago to Moline is for business or leisure, Megabus will get you there comfortably and conveniently.

All of our seats on buses from Moline to Chicago are equipped with onboard restrooms, individual power outlets, three-point seatbelts, and reclining seats.

Plus, when booking your bus tickets from Moline to Chicago, you’re given multiple seating upgrade options to ensure your experience is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

On all of our buses from Moline to Chicago and Chicago to Moline, we offer reserved seating.

Reserve one of the 10 most popular seats on our buses to enjoy a more spacious ride or secure seats next to family and friends (assuming you like them).

Remember that reserved seats are limited, so make sure to plan ahead and book early for your Moline to Chicago trip!

Route information for the bus from Moline to Chicago

Our bus from Moline to Chicago happens to be one of our most popular routes among our network of over 100 cities across North America, allowing you flexible scheduling.

With convenient departure times, Megabus makes planning your next Moline to Chicago to trip simple.

Keep track of your Moline to Chicago itinerary online, easily accessible from your smartphone.

Bus stop locations and drop-off locations in Moline and Chicago

Whether you’re traveling by bus from Moline to Chicago or vice versa, you will be centrally located for hotels, restaurants, and public transit when you arrive.

When traveling by bus from Chicago to Moline, you will depart from from W Polk St. between S Clinton St and S Canal St.

Your Chicago to Moline bus will arrive at the Quad City International Airport.

Learn more about Moline and things to do by visiting our city guide.

When you travel by bus from Moline to Chicago, you will depart from the Quad City International Airport.

Your Moline to Chicago bus will arrive at Van Buren Street between South Canal and Clinton Street.

Learn more about Chicago and its sights by visiting our city guide.

You can check your reservation for the exact location and time of departure anytime online or from your smartphone.

Bus ticket prices for the bus from Moline to Chicago

When booking in advance, you can save big on bus ticket pricing from Moline to Chicago.

Megabus makes bus travel easy and affordable for your upcoming Moline to Chicago trip, with fares as low as $1*.

Reserving your bus tickets for your next Moline to Chicago trip is made simple online or by smartphone.

Our trip planner allows you to choose your flexible schedule for your Moline to Chicago or Chicago to Moline trip and find the itinerary that works for you.

Availability and booking for a bus from Moline to Chicago

So if you’re planning on traveling by bus from Moline to Chicago or from Chicago to Moline, book your ticket with us today to reserve your seat and see our first-class amenities firsthand.

Learn more about fun things to do in Moline or Chicago when you arrive.