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Megabus Non-Affiliated Motorcoach Operators or Other Service Providers

As of July 14th, 2020

Megabus’s service may on occasion be provided by certain authorized, non-affiliated, third-party motorcoach operators or other service providers with whom we maintain operating arrangements or other agreements. As of the date listed above (the list of megabus Non-Affiliated Motor Coach Operators or Other Service Providers may change from time to time), the megabus Non-Affiliated Motor Coach Operators or Other Service Providers covered under the megabus Privacy Policy when servicing megabus jobs include the following:

Service Provider
Phone Number
Contact Email
Payment Processor
Payment Processor's Website
Windstar Lines, Inc
Dattco, Inc
Concord Coach Lines

There are times where exigent circumstances require that a non-affiliated third-party motorcoach carrier not listed above may be needed.  This list will be updated as soon as reasonably possible thereafter to include such non-affiliated third-party motorcoach carrier if it is envisioned that they will be providing services on an ongoing basis.  Otherwise, megabus will only provide the non-affiliated carrier with the basic information needed for it to accept a passenger’s ticket and to provide the services requested.  To the extent reasonably possible, megabus will endeavor to demand that such parties keep this information confidential and agree to similar privacy protections as listed in megabus’s Privacy Policy.