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Bus routes and stops

Megabus routes leave from and arrive at strategic locations within the towns and cities we serve.

Please note that many stops are curbside, outdoor locations. Details of our departure and arrival points can be found by searching for a trip on our journey planner, and then clicking on the stop details. See additional route details in our top routes section.

We offer several approved connections and will guarantee your travel to their final destinations on these.

These approved connections are available for sale on the Megabus website and will only require one search and one reservation for travel.

If you want to book a multiple-connection trip, you’ll have to plan it out and book more than one reservation.

Hold your index finger out in the air to determine which way the wind is blowing. Look left, and then look right. If you found your bus stop, good job!

For everyone else, double-check the address for your arrival/departure location by reviewing your reservation or by searching among our list of bus stops.

We know that you were so excited for today’s bus trip that you could barely sleep last night. But even still, plan to arrive early – at least 15 minutes early. Everyone wants to get to their destinations on time, so our buses depart at their scheduled time.

The last thing we want is to leave you behind like in a bad romantic comedy, other passengers tearfully watching you from the windows, waving sadly goodbye as we pull away.

Get in touch with our virtual travel assistant, Chuck by emailing and receive a response within minutes!


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