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The number of passengers shown below includes all standard passengers, mobility aid passengers, special requirements passengers, PCAs, children and infants. All children under 17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (17 years of age or over) when traveling on megabus.com.

Any special travel requirements?

A special requirement can range from a request for assistance boarding, a seat downstairs or for a wheelchair or scooter.


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Find these on the confirmation you received for your original reservation. Your order number is 7 characters long and may contain letters and numbers (e.g.: AA4H2W7). Your reservation number is at least 29 characters long and will contain letters and numbers, separated by a series of dashes. (e.g.: 7-6163-042313-M3-1030-NYC-BOS).

Enter the email address used to place this order. If you didn't provide an email address then enter your last name instead.

Customer Service

Changing reservations

Can I trade in a reservation?

Yes, this can only be completed on-line and more than 3 hours prior to the departure time of the existing reservation. A trade in fee ($3.00 for trade ins more than 24 hours from departure, $5.00 for trade ins 6 to 24 hours from departure, and $7.50 for trade ins 3 to 6 hours from departure) and a $2.00 new reservation fee is charged for all reservations being traded in. The cost of the initial reservation will be credited against the new reservation. If the new reservation is less expensive than the initial reservation, no payment or further credit will be made to you and all unused credit will be forfeited. If the initial amount paid is less than the cost of the new reservation you must pay the difference.

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