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Catching the Bus Around 50 Percent Cheaper Than Traveling by Car Despite 7-Year Low Gas Pump Prices


•    Megabus.com review shows bus users save up to $637 for six trips by leaving car in driveway
•    Annual savings could offset household gas and electricity bills
•    Review of twelve popular routes

(February 10, 2015) A review of 12 popular routes across North America determined that taking city-to-city, express bus is around 50 percent* cheaper than traveling by car despite low gas pump prices.

The review of current gas, tolls and parking costs by megabus.com, one of the USA's biggest bus operators, found that bus customers can save as much as $637.55 for six round trips – or more than $106.26 per round trip by leaving their car in the driveway. The saving is enough to offset an average household’s gas or electricity costs.

Gas pump prices are at their lowest level since 2008, but a megabus.com review of twelve key routes found that hopping on the bus was still cheaper than the cost of fuel, tolls and avoids the additional cost of car parking.

Dale Moser, Chief Executive Officer of megabus.com said: “People may be surprised to hear that, despite lower fuel prices for drivers, it is still possible to save a significant amount of money by travelling by bus. Megabus.com has been independently found to offer the best value fares in the USA and we are continuing to deliver savings for customers taking trips of two hours or more."

Megabus.com reviewed 12 popular routes across the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Western bus network, which are used by millions of customers every month.

The review assessed the cost of making daily trips by car, taking into account only the cost of fuel, parking and any toll road payments – no other costs associated with car ownership were included. The review then compared the driving cost with the cost a roundtrip ticket on megabus.com bus over the same route.

Moser continued, “There are also other benefits to switching from the car to the bus, including avoiding the stress of driving in traffic jams, having to pay potentially costly parking charges and tolls, as well as being able to go online and check emails on the increasing number of megabus.com state-of-the-art double decker buses that have on-board Wi-Fi and power outlets.”

The results showed that, for every route assessed, taking the bus cost less than traveling by car.

In particular, the megabus.com review found that:
•    Taking the bus between New York City and Washington, DC for six trips was more than $637 cheaper than driving
•    Bus travel between Philadelphia and New York City is up to 70 percent cheaper than taking the car
•    Travelers in Massachusetts could save more than $404 for six trips just by switching to bus travel between Boston and New York City
•    Bus customers traveling between Chicago and Minneapolis would save more than $343 for six trips, much better off than if they travel by car
•    Traveling by car between Atlanta and Orlando for six trips would be more than $259 more expensive than going by bus
•    Traveling between Los Angeles and San Francisco would save around $180 for six trips by leaving the car at home and taking the bus
•    Traveling by bus between Albany and New York City would be up to 56 percent cheaper than going by car
•    Taking the bus between Detroit and Chicago instead of driving would result in a saving of more than $288 for six trips.

Visit www.megabus.com for additional information about the service, schedules, arrival and departure times and fares.

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A full copy of the megabus.com review is attached.
*Based on an average saving calculated across 12 routes in the USA. Individual savings will vary. Fuel prices were recorded on January 29, 2015.

**NEW** megabus.com high-resolution photos and broadcast-quality video for download:

ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: http://bit.ly/1cYltRB
B-ROLL VIDEO: http://bit.ly/1wUTlE1

Megabus.com, one of the largest privately funded providers of city-to-city express bus transportation, maintains the highest (Satisfactory) safety compliance rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX), an independent safety rating organization that provides safety ratings of more than 300,000 passenger and freight carriers, announced in January 2014 that all megabus.com carriers are TSX-approved. Megabus.com is the first carrier group to achieve TSX approval, demonstrating the most stringent safety standards in the industry.

Megabus.com operates service to/from more than 120 major cities in North America from 23 hubs in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Gainesville, Los Angeles, Memphis, Mobile, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, San Francisco, St. Louis, Texas Triangle (Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio), Washington, D.C. and Toronto – creating more than 1,000 new, professional jobs during the past eight years.

Since its launch on April 10, 2006, megabus.com has served more than 40 million customers.

Service for megabus.com operates daily. Fares shown are one-way and include all government taxes.

* Watch the video here for safety information.

Megabus.com is a subsidiary of Coach USA, one of the largest transportation companies in North America. Paramus, N.J.-based Coach USA owns and operates a family of 25 local companies in North America, some that have been in business for more than 75 years, which operate scheduled bus routes, motor coach tours, airport transportation services, charters and sightseeing tours.
On January 15, 2015, megabus.com was one of the first to be awarded the eRating Certification from the University of Vermont Certification for Sustainable Transportation. The first-of-its kind voluntary program is designed to help improve economic, environmental and energy efficiency within the transportation industry.

For the latest news and travel deals, follow megabus.com on Twitter at @megabus and Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/megabus.com.officialpage.

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