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The number of passengers shown below includes all standard passengers, mobility aid passengers, special requirements passengers, PCAs, children and infants. All children under 17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (17 years of age or over) when traveling on megabus.com.

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A special requirement can range from a request for assistance boarding, a seat downstairs or for a wheelchair or scooter.


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Summer Seat Sale!



megabus.com is happy to announce that thousands of $5 and $9 seats have been added on for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays for the month of June in over 28 cities nationwide on select routes. The June Summer Sale tickets are available now!

The additional $5 and $9 June Summer Sale tickets must be booked online at least seven days prior to departure, are available for travel from June 1-30, 2013 and are subject to availability.  There are a minimum of twenty $5.00 and $9.00 seats on each eligible bus route .


Seats starting from $5

  • Ann Arbor to Cleveland
  • Ann Arbor to Pittsburgh
  • Ann Arbor to Toledo
  • Athens to Atlanta
  • Atlanta to Athens
  • Atlanta to Chatanooga
  • Atlanta to Nashville
  • Austion to Dallas
  • Austin to Houston
  • Austin to San Antonio
  • Chattanooga to Atlanta
  • Chicago to Madison
  • Chicago to Milwaukee
  • Chicago to St. Louis
  • Christiansburg to Knoxville
  • Cleveland to Ann Arbor
  • Cleveland to Detroit
  • Cleveland to Pittsburgh
  • Cleveland to Toledo
  • Dallas to Austin
  • Dallas to Houston
  • Dallas to San Antonio
  • Des Moines to Omaha
  • Detroit to Cleveland
  • Detroit to Pittsburgh
  • Detroit to Toledo
  • Harrisburg to Philadelphia
  • Harrisburg to Pittsburgh
  • Houston to Austin
  • Houston to Dallas
  • Houston to San Antonio
  • Iowa to Omaha
  • Knoxville to Christiansburg
  • Madison to Chicago
  • Memphis to St. Louis
  • Milwaukee to Chicago
  • Morgantown to Pittsburgh
  • Morgantown to Washington DC
  • Nashville to Atlanta
  • Nashville to Chattanooga
  • Omaha to Des Moines
  • Omaha to Iowa
  • Philadelphia to Harrisburg
  • Pittsburgh to Ann Arbor
  • Pittsburgh to Cleveland
  • Pittsburgh to Detroit
  • PIttsburgh to Harrisburg
  • Pittsburgh to Morgantown
  • Pittsburgh to Toledo
  • Reno to Sacramento
  • Reno to San Francisco
  • Sacramento to Reno
  • Sacramento to San Francisco
  • San Antonio to Austin
  • San Antonio to Dallas
  • San Antonio to Houston
  • San Francisco to Reno
  • San Fancisco to Sacramento
  • St. Louis to Chicago
  • St. Louis to Memphis
  • Toledo to Ann Arbor
  • Toledo to Cleveland
  • Toledo to Detroit
  • Washington DC to Morgantown

Seats starting from $9

  • Chicago to Columbia
  • Chicago to Kansas City
  • Chicago to Memphis
  • Chicago to Minneapolis
  • Chicago to Omaha
  • Christiansburg to Washington DC
  • Columbia to Chicago
  • Kansas to Chicago
  • Knoxville to Washington DC
  • Madison to Minneapolis
  • Memphis to Chicago
  • Milwaukee to Minneapolis
  • Minneapolis to Chicago
  • Minneapolis to Madison
  • Minneapolis to Milwaukee
  • Omaha to Chicago
  • Philadelphia to Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh to Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh to Washington DC
  • Washington DC to Christiansburg
  • Washington DC to Knoxville
  • Washington DC to Pittsburgh